2011. április 28., csütörtök

First sketches

First sketches of the pilot episod's main character. This episode based on E. A. Poe's tales, called How to Write a Blackwood Article and A predicament.

2011. április 17., vasárnap

first series concept

Blackwood is an animated series full of black humour and absurdity, based on classic scary tales (e.g. E. A. Poe, Le Fanu, Bierce) and dark folk tales.
Each episode has a separated story and different main characters, but every story is happening in the same town called  Blackwood.  Blackwood is a fictive city similar to the big cities in the end of 19th century, full of smoky chimneys, steam machines, factories and carriages. In this foggy world the characters are different kinds of anthropomorphic animals with human body and animal head.
 The storyworld’s dark humour and horroristic tone combined with a detailed, refined artistic style lends a certain atmosphere of absurd elegance even to the most gory and bloody parts.

episodes’ lenght: 4-5 minutes
mixed technic, digital papercut character animation (with Anime studio) and digital 2d frame by frame effects and background animation.
 Target audience: 14+