2015. január 9., péntek

Concept 2015

Blackwood's absurd and black humorous universe is based on the dark folktales and the classics of early horror literature, like E.A. Poe and J. S. Le Fanu. The story universe is centralized around a fictional town called Blackwood. Blackwood resembles the atmosphere of a 19th century industrial city with its dark alleys, old cathedrals, eerie cemeteries, filthy sewers and huge factories coughing up black smoke. Blackwood is the home of many peculiar characters: all these anthropomorph, half human-half animal fellows have their own horrific, spooky absurd or terribly strange story. These funny and grotesque tales are the backbone of Blackwood's universe: the dark and absurd atmosphere of Poe meets The Busy World of Richard Scarry. Blackwood is not bound by the laws of reality. Although its stories take place in the beginning of a fictional material age, anything can happen: a decapitated journalist can carry on writing her article, one can be easily stabbed in the heart with a freshly cooked odorous frog leg and one can realize that his or her best friend is a vampire, who has an intention of eating the particular person for dinner.

crossmedia project

Genre: Victorian Fantasy Horror Comedy
Target audience: 12+
Platforms: TV, web, board game, computer and mobile game