2012. január 27., péntek

First Episode - How to Write a Blackwood Article

The story adapted from E. A. Poe: How to Write a Blackwood Article and A predicament

Sygnora Psyche Zenobia strolls forth in the City of Blackwood with her faithful poodle named Diana, in search of some horrific inspiration for the article she intends to write. While she walks, she speculates spectacularly, scribbles in her notebook and pays no attention to the fearsome and shady citylife around her.
This is how she proceeds on the streets, when all of a sudden her destiny presents itself to view: she beholds a gothic cathedral. She's seized by an uncontrollable desire to ascend the giddy tower of the cathedral. Into the dark chamber above the sole light proceed from a little opening. Ms Psyche resolves to clamber up to this hole from wich Blackwood’s splendid prospect is laid before her eyes. She thoroughly enjoys the smoky, foggy and screamful heavenly scene. All of a sudden she feels something cold gently pressing on her neck. To her extreme horror, she realizes that the huge minute-hand of the church clock has descended upon her neck. Sygnora Psyche Zenobia can’t escape and the cruel pressure of the hand causes her eyes thumble outof its socket. After the huge hand severs all the remainder of her neck, her head falls to the ground of the street. While she pounders about this strange phenomenon, her body turns to Diana, and sees the poodle’s skeleton: Diana has eaten up by rats during Psyche’s tragedy. The headless body of Sygnora Psyche Zenobia finally scribbles her final words into her notebook, and theatricaly drops to ground, dead.